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the hoop dance book by jan camp

Highly recommended by MIDWEST Bookwatch, June 2013

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“Exploring the health benefits that the hula hoop can foster in both the physical and mental sense, “Hoopdance Revolution” is a choice and highly recommended addition to health and self-help collections, recommended." —Midwest Bookwatch

If you are looking for healthy fun, regardless of your age, size, or level of fitness, this hands-on guidebook is for you. Hoopdance Revolution puts a new spin on that favorite childhood pastime, hula hooping. Find out how it evolved into a fitness program, what makes hoopdance so popular today, and why it is steadily gaining followers worldwide.

As the counterculture of hoopdance took hold in recent decades, it gradually merged with other forms of dance, aerobic exercise, and yoga. Author Jan Camp takes readers to her first hoopdance class and introduces us to professionals in the field across the United States and abroad. Their fascinating stories reveal the unsuspected physical and mental benefits of playing with a hoop. With this simple tool, you can dance your way to greater stamina, sharper mental acuity, and emotional balance, and you may even find that hoopdancing increases your spiritual awareness and overall sense of well-being.

The book links to 150 videos and songs that are placed in a historical, cultural, and instructional framework. (See links in the Resource section of this site.)

Jan Camp is an artist and graphic designer with an active hoopdance practice. She has contributed to two books that inspired Hoopdance Revolution, A Door in the Swamp by Joell Jones and the Fish Arm Collective (Comix Press), and Cay Lang’s Taking the Leap (Chronicle Books). Camp lives in Berkeley, California.

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Hoopdance Revolution is going to be the definitive hooping text for a long time to come. This work is complete and compelling. It opens the reader to possibility, and paints a vivid, sensory world of healing and transformation.”
—Shailja Patel, performance artist/activist and author of Migritude

“As a stranger to hooping I was engrossed from start to finish. Hoopdance Revolution is a terrific piece of writing. Jan Camp tells the story by masterfully combining her words with the contributions of others. In doing so she makes the subject come alive, completely capturing its dynamism, egalitarianism, and participatory quality.”
— Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo, author of Daughters of Aquarius:
Women of the Sixties Counterculture

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