| The History of Hoopdance

Chapter Three: Thirty-second clips by Arc Light Digital Media, to reference Internet videos. Chapter Links | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

1. Lift up to Lasso Above Head. 2010
Performed by Jon Coyne & Liam SpinYang
Music: “Bipolar” by John Coyne
Uploaded by hoopsmiles

2. Walking While Hooping. 2008
Performance and video by Caroleeena
Uploaded by Caroleena

3. Sustained Spinning. 2009
Performed by Julia Hartsell
Video by Jaguar Mary
Uploaded by Jaguar Mary X

4. Cross Isolation Turn Tango.2010
Performed by Betty Lucas
Uploaded by LucasHooping

5. Hoop Girl From SF. 2008
Performed by Christabel
Uploaded by Kam Iam

6. Outside Isolations with Jocelyn. 2012
Presented by Jocelyn Gordon
Uploaded by Hoopnotica.

7. Pink Moon. 2009
Performed by Rich Porter
Music: “Pink Moon” by Nick Drake.
Uploaded by mutantsong

8. Anti-Spin Flowers. 2011
Performed by Rainbow Michael
Video by Jaguar Mary X
Music: “Path Fades Into Forest” by Susumu Yokota, Rothko
Uploaded by Jaguar Mary X

9. Head Hooping 'N Currents. 2011
Head Hooping and Flow Currents
Performed and filmed by Nick Guzzardo
Music: “Silvia” by Mike Snow
Uploaded by Nick Guzzardo

10. Shanghai Restoration with Beth. 2010
Performed by Beth Lavinder
Music: “Introduction (1936)” by The Shanghai Restoration Project
Uploaded by lavinder5 http://youtu.be/TiqLo1kQvV0

11. Brecken Rivara Hoop Demo. 2011
Performed by Brecken Rivara
Directed by Andrew Tank Rivara
Music: “Got It,” and “Addicted to Distraction” by Black Landlord
Uploaded by brecken77

12. HoopingPractice with Brecken. 2007
Performance and dialogue by Brecken Rivara
Uploaded by brecken77

13. "The Barrel Roll" tutorial.2008
Demonstration by Hoopalicious
Uploaded by hoopalicious

14. Forward Fig 8 Vertical jump Hoop Tutorial - Hooping Mad. 2010
Demonstration by Emma Kerr
Music: Minuet by Franz Joseph Haydn
Uploaded by hoopingmad

15. Symphony of Science - We Are All Connected. 2010
Video and performance by Sharna Rose
Music: “We Are All Connected” by Symphony of Science
Uploaded by sharnarose

16. Hoop Poi Tutorial: 5 Beat Weave / Elbow Funk (Without Throws).2010
Demonstration by Steve Bags
uploaded by steve2bags

17. World Hoop Day Flash Mob in Brighton. 2011
Featuring Emma Kerr
Uploaded by jeavonsbrighton

18. "Love the Process"—SaFire's Hooping Manifesto. 2009
Video and performance by Sandra SaFire Sommerville
Music: “I Can Be” by Taio Cruz
Uploaded by FireSandra


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